Wherever you choose to go on Paros, you are sure to discover interesting… themes! An island with natural beauty and remarkable human creations! Beaches, villages, museums, churches, environmental activities and cultural pursuits. The island continues to reveal the pleasantest of surprises.


Naoussa, the second largest village of the island with the largest fishing fleet in the Cyclades, is on the north shore of the island and boasts beautiful Venetian architecture. Naoussa was built around the port in the Byzantine era. It was fortified by a wall that led to a Venetian bastion (Kastelli), parts of which still stand and are of great historical and archaeological interest. It is worth noting that the port of Naoussa formed the headquarters of the Russian fleet during the occupation of 1770 led by the Orloffs.
Today, the lovely and sheltered port is always filled with fishing boats and fisherman returning with fresh fish and seafood. Naoussa is one of the most beautiful fishing villages in Greece, and retains both its authentic island character and cosmopolitan glamor.


Parikia is the capital of the island, and the center for every activity. It is the commercial and passenger port of the island, the administrative and economic center – a modern town with a powerful past and a promising future.
Parikia ensures all its guests are comfortably accommodated and offers all the services of a modern city to visitors. Most banks operate branches in Parikia, which also has a post office, health center, travel agencies, automobile and motorcycle rental agencies, and much more. Parikia offers a wide range of accommodation options (from hotels and rented rooms to camping sites in Livadia, Krios and Parasporos), and visitors will find it easy to find the one best suited to their needs.


Lefkes is one of the largest inland villages and is the settlement at the highest altitude. It is built under a pine-covered hill. The typically Aegean houses are arrayed amphitheatrically, and the village boasts many narrow streets though which cars cannot pass and are perfect for walking.


Marpissa is a fairly large village with many accommodation options that allow visitors to tour the many beautiful beaches of the east coast with ease. Piso Livadi is the port of the village. It is built in amphitheater formation on a small hill, where visitors can take yet another walk along quaint streets with an Aegean atmosphere and many houses dating back to the 17th and 18th century.


The Temple of Panagia of Ekatontapiliani, one of the most important early Christian monuments in Greece, is the sacred jewel in Paros’ crown. It is located in the northeast section of Parikia, just steps away from the port. The history of Ekatontapiliani begins in Byzantine legends, as it was likely constructed in the 4th century.


The ancient marble quarries are just east of the settlement. The famous Parian marble, revered for its contribution to architecture and sculpture of the Classical period, was extracted from these quarries, the main source of wealth for the island in all periods of history.


The Archaeological Museum of Paros is considered a “must see” for visitors to the island.

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