Relax on beautiful beaches. Get to know the hidden beauties of the island.

Bring your friends and family and experience the magic of the mountain and the sea on the back of a majestic animal.


Kolibithres overlooks the bay of Naoussa, where granite rocks eroded by salt, water and air lead to down to the sea and form sequential beaches in a unique landscape.
There are many sandy beaches leading into each other, in a lunar landscape offering relaxation and satisfying all inclinations and needs.


Monasteri is a long, organized sandy beach, which is sheltered from the winds and is one of the most popular hangouts for young people in summer. Located in the northwest section of the bay of Naoussa, at the entrance of the Environmental Park of Paros, it takes its name from the Monastery of Ai Yiannis Detis, which sits on a hill overlooking the beach. Popularity goes hand in hand with development, and in recent years bars, restaurants and cafés were created to bring good food and fun to the sea, with a view of picturesque Naoussa.


Santa Maria, a long, organized sandy beach, with crystal clear water, umbrellas, sunbeds and watersports, is located two kilometers east of Naoussa, on the east side of the island. There are a few sea pines scattered here and there, completing the picture of a large beach, with enough bars and tourist shops near the water to satisfy all tastes.


Agia Irini is a closed bay with a narrow sandy beach facing northwest and is located 4 kilometers south of Parikia. It is characterized by the tall pine trees and fine golden sand that lend it an exotic feel. There is a small tavern on the beach, which offers shade and a meal to bathers.


Nea Chryssi Akti is a long, sandy, organized and crowded beach, and one of the beaches of Paros preferred by surfers from all over the world. The World Windsurfing Championship was held there in the 90s. Sports enthusiasts will find everything they need at Nea Chryssi Akti to enjoy air and watersports. Beginners need not worry. Instructors await to introduce them to the sports.

Text & photos:

Photos: Stavros Niflis

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